Payment Policy: We accept a multitude of payment forms. We gladly accept PayPal, and we also accept credit cards (Amex, VISA, Mastercard) directly outside of PayPal for customers who don't have a PayPal account. We also accept personal checks (please allow 2 weeks for clearance), cashier's checks (overnight clearance), bank wires, electronic bank transfers, in-bank cash deposits, even money orders.

Effective 7/22/16, our new cash discount for any payment method other than PayPal or Credit Card is now 3%. If you pay by check, money order, bank transfer, etc. you can deduct 3% from the listed price for any item, new or pre-owned. So, for example, a $1000 item paid by PayPal will cost only $970 paid via a cash-equivalent. If we save the fees, you save the fees, as we pass these fee savings back to our customers.


Return Policy:

Returns for Bellarri Sterling Jewelry: We have an open, no-questions-asked return policy on all Bellarri Sterling jewelry. Any Bellarri Sterling item can be returned for a full refund, minus original outbound shipping cost. Customer is responsible for return shipping. We must be notified of a customer's desire to return an item within 3 calendar days of receipt, and item must be mailed back within 6 days of original receipt. Bellarri Sterling rings will ship with a security tag attached - do not remove this tag unless you are sure you are keeping the ring. Once this tag is removed, the item is no longer returnable. There is no restocking fee incurred with the return of Bellarri Sterling items.

Returns for Bellarri 14K and 18K Gold Jewelry: Effective with purchases on or after 10/13/16, we are adopting a limited return policy on all gold Bellarri. Please read the following carefully:

- Any 14K or 18K gold Bellarri item, from any collection, can be returned provided that we are notified of a customer's intent to return within 3 calendar days of receipt, and that the item is shipped within 6 days of receipt.

- Items returned for refund will incur a restocking fee of 10% if original payment was received via credit card or check, 13% if received via PayPal (to account for PayPal's new policy of not refunding fees) with a minimum of $75 and a maximum of $750.

- Items returned for store credit towards another purchase will get 100% credit, with no restocking fee. Store credit must be used towards new purchases, and cannot be applied to an already-existing layaway plan.

- Customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. In the case of return for refund, original outbound shipping cost will be deducted from refund, in addition to the restocking fee. Original outbound shipping cost will not be deducted for returns for store credit.

- Bellarri rings, necklaces, and bracelets will ship with a security tag attached - this tag must not be removed for an item to be accepted for return. Once the tag is removed, the ring is no longer returnable. The security tag will not impede your ability to try on the ring to see how it looks. Pendants and earrings will not have a security tag attached.

- Rings that have been sized cannot be returned. If you request sizing service for a ring, that sale is final.

- Purchases made via layaway of longer than 30 calendar days are not eligible for return.

- There are no returns on special orders, or in cases where we've had to bring in a piece from another dealer at the specific request of a customer

- Customer must return the item in the same display/storage case as shipped, using fully the same protective foam/wrap/filler that was used for the original outbound transit.

- Items damaged due to improper re-packaging will incur full repair costs in addition to shipping and restocking fees.

- AFW reserves the right to suspend an individual's return privileges for any reason, including but not limited to improper return packaging, excessive returns, multiple consecutive returns, frequently returning items damaged, and abuse of return privileges.

Returns for Pre-Owned Jewelry, including Barbara Bixby: Effective with purchases on or after 8/1/16, returns for store credit will receive 100% of their purchase price, minus original outbound shipping costs, as credit towards a new item. Returns for cash refund will incur a restocking fee of the greater of $50 or 15% of the purchase price, plus original outbound shipping cost, with a maximum of $300.

Layaway Policy: Yes, we're happy to offer layaway for everything on our site, and we have easy payment terms and we don't charge any interest!

We ask for 20% minimum down, and a maximum payment period of 6 months (or higher for higher-priced items, just ask us). Once you have requested layaway on an item, we must receive your 20% deposit within one calendar week. After one week, we reserve the right to sell that item to another customer.

We work on the honor system - we won't call you or email asking for a payment, all we ask is that you make your payments each month, or contact us to let us know of any exceptions. It is up to you to make your payments every month. If you fail to make a payment for 3 or more consecutive months we reserve the right to cancel the layaway plan and consider the item abandoned. Any payments made toward an abandoned layaway plan are forfeited in their entirety. Store credit will not be issued for layaway plans that are cancelled due to customer abandonment.

We don't charge interest or any other monthly finance fees for our layaway plans. Our layaway is completely free, as long as you 1) make your monthly payments AND 2) contact us in the event of a missed payment AND 3) catch up on any missed payments in the immediate following month of the missed payment.


HOLDS - as a courtesy we will be happy to HOLD any item for you for up to 48 hours. But we must receive either a PayPal payment within that 48 hour window, or an email with tracking information indicating that a money order has been mailed. When requesting a HOLD, please indicate your plans for payment so we understand what you would like to do. Also, please be considerate of other customers and refrain from excessive HOLDS-then-releases. The record was set by a customer who requested HOLDS on, and subsequently released, 8 consecutive items. Let's not see that record broken.

Shipping Policy: All purchases under $2500 will ship USPS Priority with Signature Required, all purchases over $2500 will ship FedEx Air with Signature Required. All shipments are fully insured at no cost to our customers. All items valued at less than $20 will be strapped to a donkey and ridden messenger-style across the country to your home, but not by me.

If paying by PayPal, we can ONLY ship to the address that comes through with the payment - we cannot ship to 3rd parties not already registered on your PayPal account.

Customers paying with money orders or cashier's checks do not have this same limitation. With those payment methods, we can ship anywhere you like.


Repairs & Sizing Policy for Bellarri: We are selling all of our Bellarri on behalf of authorized dealers (none of our Bellarri is pre-owned or 2nd hand), and as such we are proud to offer sizing & repair services for all of our Bellarri. If you need a ring sized, just let us know. The fee for sizing is $50 - and this is a pass-through fee, we don't profit from ring sizing. If, after purchase, your Bellarri piece needs adjustment just let us know, we'll be happy to help. And if, down the road, you should accidentally damage your Bellarri piece we can still help with repair services direct through our authorized dealer partners and Bellarri. No matter what happens, we're here to help.


Customer Service: Nobody takes care of their customers like we do. And that's because we're homo sapiens too, with feelings, and emotions, and sensibilities, and feelings, and tear glands and wanton desires and mood swings. We know that when you save your shekels and buy a new piece of jewelry, you can't wait to get it, and that you're probably going to stand by your front window scratching at the glass and counting the minutes until the postman shows up at your curb. We understand the excitement that comes from taking money you otherwise would have spent on food, shelter, electricity and hygienic products and spending it on delicious sparklies instead, so we do all of the following to make your purchase a pleasurable experience:

- We always ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment, and we use shipping services that get your item(s) to you within 3 business days.
- We use boxes with foam cushioning so your jewelry arrives looking perfect and magical
- We take clear, real-life photographs so you know what you're getting, including gemstone hue and depth
- We respond to emails quickly so you can feel comfortable with what you're buying, and who you're buying from