Ordering Info


Purchasing from us is easy, especially if you don't live in Arizona. If you live in any of the other 49 states, you don't have to worry about Sales Tax - Sales Tax is only charged to Arizona residents (currently 7.8%). To make a purchase, just click the "Pay with PayPal" OR "Pay by Credit Card" button next to the item you want.

We offer two buttons because we offer great payment flexibility - if you're a PayPal user, you are welcome to pay that way. And if you don't have PayPal or want to use PayPal, you can pay by credit card directly without involving PayPal.

Additionally, you can call us at 480-706-3229 and we can take your order over the phone and have your item shipped right out.

To summarize...

Customers OUTSIDE of Arizona: If you are out-of-state, sales tax is not charged and you can just click the payment button next to the item you want, OR you can call us and complete the order over the phone.

Customers INSIDE Arizona: If you are in Arizona, we do need to charge sales tax, so please call us at 480-706-3229 to place your order. We can either take your order over the phone, with sales tax added, or we can send you a PayPal invoice with sales tax added.


We also accept Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, Bank Transfers, In-Bank Deposits, and Bank of America customer-to-customer Transfers.

If Paying by Cashier's Check or Money Order, please make it payable to: Anvil Fine Wares Inc.

Please contact us for our mailing address for all check payments.

If you'd like to send a Bank Wire, please call or email for complete wire transfer details.

Contacting us is easy! By email we're at afwares (at) live (dot) com. Or call us at 480-706-3229!

All non-PayPal and non-Credit Card payments receive 2% off the price of your purchase - if we save the PayPal fees, you save 2%. Let us know if you'd like to send a money order or cashier's check. This also applies to in-branch direct bank deposits (you go into a bank and deposit money into our AFW account), and Bank of America direct account-to-account transfers.

We also offer layaway, with flexible payment plans and low up-front deposits. For most items, 20% down will get an item held. The remainder can be paid off within 1-3 months for lesser-priced items and up to 6 months for higher-priced pieces. However, because PayPal does not support split payments or installment plans, layaway arrangements do require payment by USPS Money Order, Bank Wire, or Cashier's Checks. Once you've requested an item to be ordered/placed on layaway, we must receive payment or tracking information indicating a payment is en route within one calendar week. After one week, we reserve the right to sell that item to another customer.