Welcome to Bellarri "Visions"!

"Visions" is a fairly new, recently-retired solid gold & gemstone Bellarri Collection that we hope will bridge the price gap between Bellarri's Sterling and 18K collections, allowing people to acquire solid gold Bellarri at prices just above the average cost for Sterling but well below where we can normally go with 18K pieces. And the gemstones are all-natural and earth-mined, just as with all other Bellarri collections.

As with all retired Bellarri, this won't be an unlimited, ongoing program - when they're gone, they're gone. But we'll do our best to scour dealer showcases across the country, add pieces as we can, and keep it going for as long as possible.


Special Suite Pricing
Visions 18K Pink Gold Smoky Quartz 3-pc Suite - $1499
Visions 18K Pink Gold Blue Topaz & Lemon Quartz 3-pc Suite - $1559
Visions 18K Pink Gold Blue Topaz 3-pc Suite - $1599
Visions 18K Green Gold Prasiolite 3-pc Suite - $1639
Visions 18K Pink Gold Champagne Quartz 3-pc Suite - $1449
Visions 18K Pink Gold Amethyst 3-pc Suite - $1619
R8863PG/A - $549

RR8841GG/C - $519

R8861PG/SQ - $499
R8844YG14/C - $459
R8861PG/BT - $579
R8936PG14/ABT - $499
RR8862PG/SQ - $479
RR8870PG/BTLQ - $459
R8867GG/C - $519
R8866PG14/BT - $529
R8867W14/LBT - $519
R8854PG/A - $529
R8854W14/A - $509
G1227PG/SQ - $479
G1228PG14/BT - $479
G1230PG/BTLQ - $489
G1225PG/A - $539
G1222PG14/C - $549
ER2098PG/SQ - $639
ER2101PG/BTL - $699
ER2092PG/A - $699
ER2090PG14/C - $699


Layaway: Yes, we do offer layaway! And we don't charge any interest during the layaway period. If there's something you'd love to add to your collection, but need some help with budgeting, drop us a line and let us help.
Payment: You'll notice there are two payment buttons for each item - this is because we offer customers the ability to pay through PayPal OR directly with credit card for those customers who don't use PayPal. And of course, we gladly accept most old-school payment methods, including cashier's check, wire transfer, money order, in-branch deposits, and direct transfers from Bank of America customers. And we gladly give a 2% discount for all non-PayPal and non-Credit Card payments: if we save the fees, you save the fees!
Sizing: Sizing of "Visions" rings works the same as for other Bellarri rings - only $50 flat fee for any size between 5.5 and 9, with extra charges for sizes below 5.5 and above 9. Please contact us and let us know what you need and we'll let you know whether it's possible, and the cost involved.
Special 18K Chain Offer: Many of our suite and pendant photos show the Bellarri "Visions" enhancers on 18K gold Mirror-Link chains. These chains are not included, but for a limited time you can add one of these chains to any enhancer purchase for only $95. The chains are 16" in length, made in Italy, and sourced by Bellarri to match with the "Visions" line. That $95 price is actually below our cost, so this offer is only good with the purchase of a "Visions piece.






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