Why only "retired" Bellarri 18K & Sterling?

Anvil Fine Wares has partnered with dozens of Bellarri dealers across the country, helping them rotate and freshen their Bellarri jewelry selections. When new Bellarri collections are introduced, dealers want to have showcase space to display the latest, hottest styles. That's where AFW comes in - we help them liquidate their older, "retired" Bellarri inventory, enabling them to always keep their selection fresh and up to date. Without AFW, dealers might have to delay purchase of the newest styles until the older pieces have been sold. We help minimize that delay for our dealer partners.

Because the dealers that we sell for are our trusted partners - we need them and they need us - we're very careful not to compete against them with the same Bellarri styles. They focus on the latest Bellarri collections, and they give us the opportunity to focus on the older, retired collections. It's a very symbiotic relationship!

So if you're looking for the latest Bellarri styles, please visit your local authorized Bellarri dealer. If you'd like to save some money, and purchase "retired" older Bellarri, you've come to the right place.

And because our "retired" Bellarri comes straight from the showcases of authorized Bellarri dealers, all of our inventory is not only guaranteed authentic, but also retail-fresh. You'll be the first to own it!