Bellarri Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your website isn't too fancy, but you sure have a lot of beautiful Bellarri...are you legit?

A: We know...we have so much beautiful Bellarri, at such great prices, that it almost seems too good to be true! We do confess - we are most definitely not website design experts! Where we excel is in building long-term, symbiotic relationships with our Bellarri dealer partners which allows us to bring "retired" Bellarri to our customers at unheard-of prices. We're also great at taking care of our customers, shipping fast, and making sure you're happy with your new Bellarri. If finding the fanciest website is your goal, we probably won't win that contest. But if your goal is finding the best selection of genuine, retail-fresh and brand-new Bellarri at the best prices, and ordering it stress-free, then you're definitely in the right place.


Q: Why is it important that I buy my Bellarri from currently authorized dealers or Anvil Fine Wares?

A: One of the things that makes Bellarri jewelry so special is the exclusivity of the cuts - Bellarri actually owns the patents on most of their gemstone cuts, and those cuts are only available on Bellarri creations. Because of this, servicing a piece of Bellarri jewelry isn't like servicing jewelry from most other designers. Should your Bellarri creation ever suffer an unfortunate impact or accident that causes gemstone damage or loss, your local neighorhood jeweler would not be able to replace that gemstone. Only Bellarri can re-cut replacement stones to match, and Bellarri will only provide such service for pieces which have been purchased from authorized Bellarri dealers, the very same dealers with whom we are partnered. If you purchase a piece of Bellarri on eBay, from a jewelry liquidation, or any retail store, make sure that dealer is currently an Authorized Bellarri retailer, AND currently has a relationship that enables them to receive service and support from Bellarri. Every piece of Bellarri sold here by Anvil Fine Wares is fully supported through Bellarri's authorized dealers, including ring sizings and re-sizings, repairs, and gemstone replacements. You can buy from us with full confidence of after-sale support. If you buy elsewhere, make sure that dealer can offer that same level of support.


Q: How long will individual Bellarri jewelry items remain available on the website?

A: All Bellarri items will remain on the website until they are either sold, OR requested back by the partner dealer that supplied it to us. Dealer can request pieces back for their own in-store promotions, or requests by their customers.


Q: What makes Bellarri jewelry special?

A: Let's be honest...18K gold, whether white, yellow, rose, or some combination thereof, is 18K gold. When it comes to jewelry like this, the real difference is in the design, and the cut and quality of the gemstones. And this is where Bellarri stands out. Every single Bellarri piece is designed by Bellarri herself - there's no "design by committee" or "design team". No matter which piece of Bellarri you purchase, you know that it came from her imagination and inspiration. Additionally, Bellarri does not outsource their gemstone cutting - they actually own and master the laser cutting machines that allow them to create their designs, and control the quality and beauty of every single gemstone in every single piece. They aren't subject to the technological or quality-control limitations other designers face when contracting an outside party to supply gemstones. This allows them to be picky about what they'll use in any given piece of jewelry, and to control output so that their pieces are consistent. You don't have to worry about buying sight-unseen and getting a "bad amethyst" or "washed-out" topaz just because the luck of the draw wasn't on your side this time. Every gemstone in her 18K gold jewelry is dazzling, and the cuts are always exquisite.


Q: I'm a devoted Bellarri collector, but many of your pieces don't look familiar, how come?

A: Almost all of our Bellarri is older, "retired" pieces that have not been seen at most retail shops for at least 3-4 years. It's all new and retail fresh, but it's from older product lines. Some of our pieces are also one-offs, that Bellarri designed for trade shows or special events, that have made it to the retail channel but not sold.


Q: Can you get new Bellarri from the current catalog?

A: No, all of our Bellarri is retired, and we can only source Bellarri pieces that have already been retired, as per the sales relationship with the partner dealer we're working with.


Q: Will you be offering any pre-owned Bellarri?

A: No, all of our Bellarri is brand new, never sold, and retail-fresh. If, by chance, we happen to come across a pre-owned piece of Bellarri on consignment from one of our individual non-commercial clients, we would offer that only on eBay or on the Estate/Pre-Owned section of our website. We won't commingle used and new items in the Bellarri section.


Q: How do you ship?

A: For items below $2500, we use USPS Priority with signature required. For items over $2500, we use FedEx Air, also with signature required. Our preferred services, depending on destination, are FedEx 2-Day Air or Express Saver. If you require Overnight shipping, let us know and we'll gladly accomodate you, and we will only charge the incremental difference over and above our standard FedEx Air service.


Q: How quickly will I receive my Bellarri?

A: All of our Bellarri inventory is kept at an off-site vault for security and insurance reasons. As such, please allow 1-2 days for shipment of your Bellarri piece. If you are having a ring sized, please allow up to 2 weeks as the ring needs to be brought to the dealer, sized, then retrieved from the dealer and shipped.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, Credit Cards (directly, outside of PayPal) Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Bank Wire, and direct Bank of America transfers. All non-PayPal payments receive a 2% discount - we gladly pass the PayPal fee savings back to our customers.


Q: Do you offer layaway or payment plans for Bellarri items?

A: If spreading the cost a little will help you add a Bellarri piece to your collection, we're happy to help. Please contact us via email at and let us know which specific pieces you are considering, and we'll craft a plan to make it easier. Please note that regardless of item or price, all Bellarri layaway plans will require a minimum of 25% down payment, and must be done via non-PayPal payment method. We cannot accept PayPal or Credit Cards for layaway plans.