What we love about so many of Bellarri's designs is not just the beautiful all-natural gemstones, but the way they present them so that you can admire the gems from more than just a top-down angle. This ring is a perfect example - From the "Romantica" Collection it features a solid 18K yellow gold shank that weighs a full 9.8 grams, almost a third of an ounce. The top setting is like a bridge of diamonds (20 points total), into which is nestled a stunning oval peridot with perfect dark lime green color. Running through the setting, underneath the peridot, are more peridot baguettes (4.70 carats total). You can actually enjoy the peridot from the side angle, and see the depth of the stone.

And don't let the 4.70 carat number fool you into thinking this is a small center stone - the center oval peridot actually measures 10mm x 8mm. Keep in mind that carat weight is as much a quotient of specific gravity as dimensions, so with some gemstones carat weight does not reflect size relative to other gemstones. Check out the on-hand photos below to see how it really presents.

The top setting is .55" wide (with the finger) measured across the length of the peridot. The ring is a size 7, and sizing is available but please note that turnaround time on this particular ring could be as much as 2 weeks, and it will be sized by Bellarri directly.