Bellarri Sterling & 18K Amethyst & Peridot Ring

This ring is a close relative of Bellarri's 18K solid gold "Tuscany" Collection, and it features a solid sterling silver shank with 18K pink gold signature Bellarri "B" on the side, filled with diamonds (.02ct).

The highlight is an all-natural, earth-mined 13.75 carat amethyst cabochon, a gorgeous stone with beautiful color and clarity. Keep in mind that with cabochons, the threshold for quality is much higher as there's no faceting or light refraction to "hide" any inclusions or cloudiness in the stone - it has to be a superb natural specimen. And this one is - it's so clear that you can see the setting underneath, but with wonderfully deep and consistent color.

The sides of the shank are decorated with .90 carats (across 4 stones) of all-natural pastel-green peridot, contrasting nicely against the large amethyst on top.

The top setting measures approximately .75" x .6", with a rise of .4" up off the finger. The ring is a size 7.