Bellarri Flirtation 18K Topaz Iolite Ring

We've had this style, from the "Flirtation" Collection, in both citrine multi-gem and amethyst multi-gem, but this is our first ever with blue topaz and iolite. There are several aspects that make this an unusual ring, and though we can't verify it, we wonder if this is a one-off prototype design due to its differences vs. other Flirtation rings. First, this is the first we've ever seen with only blue topaz and iolite, as it's normally seen with those two stones plus peridot. Second, the shank has a more petite design, with a forked setting leading up to the top vs. the thicker single-piece design (see photos of R7527/AM). Third, whereas the R7527 rings have a gold undercarriage beneath the center stone, this ring does not, allowing more light to pass through the gemstones. The best difference is the price - the R7527 series has always priced at around $1500 on our website ($4000-4500 retail), but we can offer this one at only $1195.

It features a stunning "exploding center" Mystique-cut Swiss blue topaz center, surrounded by flower petal blades of blue topaz and iolite - total carat weight 6.88ct. The flower petal edges, and corners of the setting, are decorated with 15 points of F/G color VS diamonds. The top setting measures .75" x .6", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing available.