Bellarri 18K White Gold, Faceted Amethyst & White Diamond Ring

Dawn is sucker for amethyst - we see an amethyst Bellarri ring in a dealer's showcase, she's on it before I get a word out! As soon as she saw this, she knew it was destined to be in our store.

It has a very stylized shape, and it's the first of its kind we've seen from Bellarri. It starts with solid 18K white gold, and features 4 large petal-shaped amethysts that sparkle in deep purple, violet, with hints of pink and sapphire blue. Total amethyst count is 7.63ct. Decorating the sides of the shank are 8 diamonds, a little larger than we normally see on Bellarri rings, totaling 14 points.

The top setting measures .75" wide and .5" deep across the amethysts. It's a size 7.5, and sizing is available.