Bellarri Jezabelle Collection 18K 3-Pc Suite

NOTE: We're going to sell this as a suite first, and if after enough time has passed we've not sold it as a set then we'll break it up and allow people to buy individual pieces. We're starting a waiting list for the individual pieces, so drop us a line if you're interested only in part of the set.

From Bellarri's retired "Jezabelle" Collection comes an absolutely gorgeous, large and striking 3-piece suite of earrings, pendant and ring. Here are the specifics on each piece:

- Ring: 6.30 carats of multi-gems, including a gorgeous teardrop shaped, Mystique-cut, scalloped-table Madeira citrine, surrounded by the full rainbow-array of Bellarri all-natural just-as-nature-colored-them baguettes. The entire perimeter of the ring, and both sides of the shank, are decorated with 64 brilliant round F/G color VS diamonds (.30carats total). It's solid 18K yellow gold, fully hallmarked, and weighs more than 11 grams. The top setting measures 1" x .75", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing available.

- Pendant: Like the ring, it features the same tear-drop shaped Madiera Citrine with "exploding center" Mystique cut surrounded by a rainbow array of baguettes and diamonds. Total colored gemstone count is 10.22 carats. Diamond count is 72 total brilliant rounds, .35 carats. It measures 1.75" tall x .8" wide, and weighs 10.7 grams, in solid 18K yellow gold. The bail does open, and it's a big bail - it can fit on all but the largest cords and chains.

- Earrings: Each measures about .9" tall x .75" wide, and total colored gemstone count is 8.79 carats. Total diamond count 70 brilliant rounds, .29 carats, all set in solid 18K yellow gold. Ear posts are fixed / non-folding.

Suite Price: $6995