Bellarri 18K White Gold Peridot "La Petite" Suite

UPDATE 11/9/14: For now we're selling this suite as a 3-piece set, but if enough time passes and the set has not sold then we will break it up and allow individual piece sales. If you'd like part of the set, let us know, we are maintaining a wish list for the individual pieces.

We've only ever had this set once before, and it was with blue topaz - this is our first set in white gold and peridot, so this is a nice find for us. Each piece is made with solid 18K white gold, fully hallmarked, and decorated with all-natural, non-heat-treated or lab-altered rich and beautiful peridot. White diamonds of F/G color and VS clarity provide lots of sparkle and match perfectly with the white gold. Here are the specs for each individual piece:

- G1084W/PER Pendant/enhancer: 1.3" tall, 4.35 carats of peridot, 10 points of diamonds

- ER1954W/PER Earrings: 1.3" tall, 9.05 carats of peridot on both earrings combined, 21 points of diamonds

- R8526W/PER Ring: top setting .6" wide, size 7 and sizeable, 4.70 carats of peridot, 15 points of diamonds.

We also have the Bellarri certificates for all 3 pieces in the suite.