Bellarri Sterling Silver & Abalone Slider Pendant w/ 18" Caviar Link Chain

Bellarri has dedicated stores on several cruise ships, and also does small trunk shows on many others. For these shows, in addition to showing off their core lines, they often do runs of inexpensive sterling pieces using agate, abalone, Mother of Pearl, jade, topaz, etc. This necklace is one of those cruise ship creations, brand new and retail fresh, never worn or sold.

It's made of sterling silver with a large and beautiful chunk of colorful abalone and includes an 18" caviar bead link chain with lobster claw clasp. The pendant itself measures 1.6" tall x 1.1" wide, and we included a photo next to a 25 cent Washington quarter for visual size perspective.

Please note that these do not feature Bellarri hallmarks, but they are designed by Bellarri and created specifically for Bellarri's cruise ship customers.

We included photos of both sides, as it's reversible and equally interesting on both sides.