Bellarri "Madam B" Multi-Gem Cabochon Pendant

From the "Madam B" sterling collection comes one of the larger pendants (closed bail) we've seen from Bellarri.

It measures just over 3" tall, and the bottom section measures 1.6" in diameter. The drop alone is a full 1".

It features 7.50 total carats of blue topaz, peridot, rose quartz and amethyst oval cabochons plus sprinkles of rhodolite garnet mixed in. Five points of diamonds are set in 18K pink gold, along with the Bellarri "B", also sprinkled around the piece. And notice the round rhodolite garnets along the drop and up on the bail.

The pendant weighs 16.9 grams, so it's substantial but not cumbersome. If you love color, especially cabochons, you'll love this - the gemstones are all-natural, and crystal clear.