Bellarri One-of-a-Kind "Princessa" 18K Yellow Gold, White Diamond, Brown Diamond, and All-Natural Sapphire 3-Piece Bracelet + Earrings + Ring Set

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Each of these pieces is part of the "Princessa" Collection, and only one of each was ever produced. The ring and bracelet are perfect-match companions, and the earrings are such a close match that we thought they'd look wonderful with the ring and bracelet and make a happy threesome.

The set of 3 can be purchased all together for $14,995, or we can split the set and sell individual pieces. Please see individual purchase prices below, and feel free to inquire if you'd like to do some mixing & matching.

Here are the details for each:

- Bracelet B726/MSBRD: Solid 18K yellow gold, 1.52 carats of white diamonds, 3.48 carats of natural brown diamonds, 6.80 carats of all-natural earth-mined sapphires in yellow-gold, orange, sage green, bright watermelon red, periwinkle blue, and bright pastel pink. There are 12 total sapphires, in all different shapes and cuts. The entire interior setting is covered in white diamonds, while the end settings feature deep chocolate-brown diamonds. Total weight 46.7 grams. Wrist size/interior circumference 6.75". Setting width is 1.20". Original retail $28790. Price to sell individually $9895.

- Earrings ER1648/MS: Solid 18K yellow gold, 85 points of diamonds, 9.90 carats of all-natural earth-mined sapphires in blue, gold, sage green, orange and pink. They measure 3" tall and weigh 7.6 grams each. Original retail $12080. Price to sell individually $3895.

- Ring R7875/MSBRD: Solid 18K yellow gold, 68 points of white diamonds, 87 points of real brown diamonds, 2.87 carats of real earth-mined all-natural sapphires in sage green, bright pastel pink, periwinkle blue, bright yellow-gold, and a fiery orange-red. Weight 12.9 grams. Shank size 7-7.25 (just a hair bigger than a 7). Top setting 1.1" long. Original retail $7715. Price to sell individually $2895.

Total retail for the 3 pieces was $48,585. At our price of $14,995, you're paying less than 31% of original retail.