Bellarri "Visions Elite" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst & Peridot Cabochon & White Diamond Set

UPDATE 7/3/18: The earrings & enhancer are SOLD, ring is still available

We have all three pieces in stock - ring, pendant & earrings, and they are available individually or as a set with nice bundle savings.

Here are the details and measurements on each piece:

Earrings ER2166PG14/AP: Solid 14K pink gold, 6.40 carats of cabochon natural amethyst, .40ct of cabochon peridot. Each measures .8" x .4" and each weighs 3.5 grams.

Slider Pendant G1295PG14/AP: Solid 14K pink gold, 9.10 carat natural cabochon amethyst, .25ct peridot cabochon, 9 points / .09ct genuine white diamonds. Measures 1" tall x .6" wide and weighs 5.8 grams.

Ring R8958PG14/AP: Solid 14K pink gold, 5.60 carat natural cabochon amethyst, .40ct peridot cabochon. Setting measures .75" wide across the shoulders, .5" deep in finger direction, with a rise of .35" up off the finger. Shank size 7 and sizing is available. Total weight 6.3 grams.

Earrings individually SOLD
Pendant individually SOLD
Ring individually $895