Bellarri "Visions" 18K Pink Gold & Blue Topaz

This "Visions" collection features 18K pink gold with blue topaz and diamonds. The color hue of these stones is wonderful - if you're a topaz fan these pieces are great ways to capture the beauty of the stone in Bellarri style with the clarity and cut quality that Bellarri is known for. Customers are welcome to purchase pieces individually, or enjoy bundle savings by purchasing the entire suite.

Pendant G1216PG/BT: 8.35 carat faceted round Swiss blue topaz, 7 points of diamonds. Total height including bail is .95". Width is .5". Pendant can be bought individually for $499.

Ring R8841PG/BT: 7.95 carat blue topaz, 12 points of diamonds. Ring setting is .5" in diameter, ring is a size 7 and sizing is available. Ring can be bought individually for $499.

Earrings ER2083PG/BT: 16.00 carats of blue topaz (combined) and 12 points of diamonds. Each earring measures 1.1" tall and .5" wide. Earrings can be purchased individually for $699.

The 18K matching pink gold mirror-link chain shown in the photos is not included, but can be added to any "Visions" purchase for only $95.

If we've not yet listed the individual pieces on the "Visions" page, please contact us to purchase any of them.