Bellarri 2019 Las Vegas JCK Show Prototype 14K Pink Gold, Swiss & London Blue Topaz & Diamond Enhancer & Earrings Set

These pieces are so new they don't even have a collection affiliation - they were created for the 2019 JCK Las Vegas jewelry show and only one set exists. There's one enhancer, and one pair of matching earrings, and we're only selling them as a set. Here are the specs on each:

Earrings ER2231PG14/BT - Solid 14K Pink Gold, 14.95 carats combined of faceted Swiss and London Blue topaz, 1.06 carats of TLB diamonds. Each earring measures a full 1.6" tall and weighs 6.5 grams. The lobe posts are non-folding.

Enhancer Pendant G1343PG14/BT - Solid 14K Pink Gold, 11.30 carats combined of faceted Swiss and London Blue topaz, 67 points / .67 carats of TLB diamonds. It measures just over 1.5" tall x .75" wide and weighs 7.9 grams.

As you may be able to see in the photos, the settings are connected to each other with links so there's some freeplay built into the design so the pendant can flex and lay comfortably against your chest and the earrings will fall naturally.

At this time we are only selling these as a matched set, but if you'd like to contact us and put in a reservation on one component we'd be happy to give dibs if the set is ever separated.