Bellarri "Silk Road" 14K Pink Gold, Amethyst & White Diamond Large-Size Enhancer & Earrings Pair

This combination features Bellarri's "Silk Road" all-amethyst enhancer pendant plus color-matched earrings.

Bellarri's "Silk Road" enhancers come in two sizes - the small G1446 style code and the larger G1447 version. The all-amethyst enhancer in this listing is for the larger G1447 style.

Earrings ER2360PG14/A - Solid 14K pink gold, 17.02 carats of deep-purple, all-natural amethyst and 54 points / .54ct of white diamonds. These measure 1.3" tall x .35" wide, and each weighs 4.0 grams.

Enhancer G1447PG14/A - Solid 14K pink gold, 16.21 carats of deep-purple, all-natural amethyst and 31 points / .31ct of white diamonds. This large-size enhancer measures 1.5" tall x .45" wide and weighs 6.1 grams.

Earrings alone $1295
Enhancer alone $995
Combo Together $1995