Bellarri "Rosa" 14K Pink Gold, Abalone, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Flower Heart Suite - All Pieces Available Individually Or As a Full Set With Bundle Savings

All of these are available individually for the prices shown below, or as a suite with bundle savings. They feature solid 14K pink gold settings, natural abalone, natural rhodolite garnet, and genuine white diamonds set in a flower design with each petal the shape of a heart.

Ring R8974PG14/AB: Solid 14K pink gold, 6.60 carats of abalone, .30ct of rhodolite, 40 points / .40ct of white diamonds. Top setting diameter approx. .75", rise .25", shank size 7 and sizing is available. Total weight 5.3 grams.

Enhancer G1301PG14/AB: Solid 14K pink gold, 7.20ct of abalone, .30ct of rhodolite, 51 points / .51ct of genuine white diamonds. It measures 1.25" tall x .75" wide and weighs 5.5 grams. It comes with a solid 18K pink gold mirror-link chain, with a wearable length of 16".

Earrings ER2171PG14/AB: Solid 14K pink gold, 6.80ct of abalone (combined), .50ct of rhodolite, 57 points / .57ct of genuine white diamonds. They measure .55" across and each weighs 3.5 grams. They do feature folding lobe posts for easy travel and storage.

Cuff Bracelet B902PG14/ABRH: Solid 14K pink gold, 15.55 carats of abalone, 1.20 carats of rhodolite, 19 points / .18ct of genuine white diamonds. The top setting measures 1.35" wide across the wrist and 1" wide across the setting, with a rise of less than .2" up off the wrist. Wrist size 6.75". Total weight 17.3 grams.

Ring price individually: $995
Enhancer price individually: $1095
Earrings price individually: $1295
Bracelet price individually: $2795
Set Price All Together: $5495