Bellarri "Blue Lagoon" 14K White Gold, London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz & White Diamond Ring - 1 off Prototype

From Bellarri's newer "Blue Lagoon" Collection, this ring would qualify as a showcase and jewelry-box showcase for most Bellarri fans. With a retail well over $7K, it's big, bold, and absolutely stunning. It's also a 1-of-a-kind creation - it's a fully-finished, retail-ready prototype so only 1 exists. Whomever is wearing this will never see another on another woman's hand.

It starts with a heavy and substantial solid 14K white gold band and setting with a huge 21.21 carat faceted London Blue Topaz at the center, surrounded by baguetes of Swiss Blue Topaz with a full 35 points / .35 carats of white diamonds completing the presentation.

The setting measures .65" x .95" with a rise of .4" up off the finger. It weighs 14.4 grams - almost half an ounce. The band is a size 6.5 and because of the complexity of the setting we've been asked to sell this as-is, with no sizing requests please.