Bellarri 2018 Las Vegas JCK Jewelry Show Prototype Design - Solid 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Multi-Gem & White Diamond Ring. Only 1 created.

This design is very reminiscent of the R7495 "Flirtation" ring, but it's actually brand new and just recently designed. Bellarri created this prototype for the 2018 Las Vegas JCK Jewelry Show as a "show off" centerpiece creation, and it's the only one of its kind. It is not affiliated with any specific Bellarri collection, but it has been assigned an R92xx style code which gives you an idea of how new it is.

It's one of the larger rings we've seen from Bellarri, with a top setting measuring almost 1.35" long (finger direction), .45" wide across the amethyst, .95" wide across the shoulders (side settings), and with a rise of almost .4" up off the finger. It also weighs 20.2 grams, a full 2/3 of an ounce - for reference, it's actually heavier than the "Rosa" bangle bracelet we recently listed. So you know you have something special, and a whole lot of gold, on your finger when you wear this.

Bellarri only recorded a gemstone carat weight total, not a separate breakdown, but we know the total is 20.92 carats. Most of that is claimed by the big Revellon Cut amethyst center stone, which by itself measures .85" x .5". The shoulders of the ring are decorated by baguettes of citrine, smoky quartz, blue topaz, red garnet, and peridot, with large trillion cuts of London Blue Topaz at the ends of the amethyst. A full 30 points / .30ct of white diamonds completes the presentation.

The ring is a standard Bellarri size 7, and sizing is available. Retail on this, had Bellarri offered this for regular production, would have been just under $6700 before tax. We have it for a fraction of that, and in fact our price for this work of art is lower than you'll pay at retail for just about any new 18K Bellarri ring these days.