Bellarri "Capri" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst Doublet over White Mother of Pearl & Natural Pink Sapphire Ring - Prototype Creation, Only 1 Exists

Bellarri created two of these "Capri" rings for the 2018 July Las Vegas jewelry show - one seen here in amethyst and another in blue topaz that my lovely wife Dawn has already claimed for herself - but these are not going into production so the two created are the only two that will exist.

It features a long 1.2" faceted natural amethyst doublet over white mother of pearl set in solid 14K pink gold, with settings of natural pink sapphire flanking the amethyst.

The amethyst can look pink, purple, or even borderline clear depending on the viewing angle, and we tried to vary the lighting so you can see the hues of pink and sea green thrown off by the mother of pearl underneath. The total carat weight for both the amethyst and mother of pearl is 6.85ct. The pink sapphires total .63ct.

The top setting measures just under 1.25" long x .25" measured across the amethyst and .6" across the sapphire settings. The setting rises .3" up off the finger, and the ring is a 6.75 with sizing available. Despite the long setting it's a very lightweight ring, only 4.9 grams total. For reference, a 25 cent quarter weighs 5.6 grams.

Had these gone into production retail would have been pegged at $2950, but we're offering it for only $1195, brand new and unworn.


Photos taken in natural, ambient sunlight...

Photos taken under LED white lighting...