Bellarri "Eternal Love" Production Prototype / Only 1 Exists / 14K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst, Pink Sapphire & White Diamond Ring

Bellarri has released dozens of designs for their "Eternal Love" Collection, and we've been fortunate enough to see a handful so far. This particular design, however, isn't something you'll see anywhere else. This is a one-off piece, a fully-finished, retail-ready, brand new and unworn production prototype - only one of this ring exists and we have it.

It features a solid 14K pink gold shank and setting with a combination of deep purple amethyst baguettes in the band and a big flat-tabled trillion-cut slightly-darker-than-lavender hued amethyst as the centerpiece. Sprinkled between the two amethyst settings are natural pink sapphires and white diamonds. Total amethyst carat weight is 7.35 carats, total sapphires .12ct, and total diamonds .05ct.

The top setting measures .7" deep in finger direction x .6" wide across just the amethyst. The setting rises .4" up off the finger and the ring weighs 6.3 grams. The band is a size 7 and sizing is available.