Bellarri "Diva Visions" 14K Yellow Gold, Natural Prasiolite & White Diamond Ring

If you've been following our site recently you saw the pendant version of this design sell last month. We now have the ring available, and it's one of only 3 created so this would be considered a limited-production run.

From the "Diva Visions" Collection, it features a gorgeous all-natural 15.63 carat Prasiolite set in solid 14K yellow gold and joined by 21 points / .21ct of genuine white diamonds.

As prasiolite fans know, most prasiolite on the market is simply purple amethyst that has been laboratory-heated to the color green, hence the faux pas misnomer "green amethyst" that some designers mistakenly call this stone. But nature does create this stone in the wild, when amethyst deposits are subjected to intense heat as from volcanic fissures and the like. That's when natural prasiolite comes to be. Not from a laboratory, but from Mother Earth. This stone is a gorgeous example of a naturally-created prasiolite, with both beautiful color and see-through clarity.

The top setting measures a hair under one full inch long x .65" wide, with a rise of .3" up off the finger. The ring weighs 7.6 grams, and the band is a size 6.75 with sizing available.