Bellarri "Athena" 14K Pink Gold, Ethiopian Opal Peridot & White Diamond Ring

We've offered these "Athena" opal rings in various configurations and colorways, but this one features the largest opal so far - a full 5.17 carat beauty.

It starts with a solid 14K pink gold band and setting with a 5.17 carat natural Ethiopian opal at the center flanked by 1.50 carats of natural, untreated peridot baguettes in tapered lengths down both sides of the setting. A full 13 points / .13ct of white diamonds completes the presentation.

You'll notice something interesting and beautiful in our photos - the peridot does appear to change colors, as light refracts through the opal and through the peridot, creating pretty flashes of orange, salmon and gold in the peridot. That's the magic of light refraction with beautiful gemstones.

The top setting on this ring measures .55" x .4" just across the opal, or just over .75" wide measured fully across the peridot shoulders. The setting rises .35" up off the finger and the ring weighs 5.0 grams.

The band is a size 7 and sizing is available.