Bellarri "Poetry in Motion" 14K Pink Gold, Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Ring

Collection: "Poetry in Motion"

Style Code: R9137PG14/M

Specs: Solid 14K pink gold, 2.65 carats of natural gemstones and 16 points / .16ct of TLB Top Light Brown diamonds.

TLB diamonds are technically champagne-hued, but they're called "Top Light Brown" because they look white when set. As you can see from our photos, we weren't shy about showing these diamonds off and if you didn't know they were TLB you could be fooled into thinking they were white. This is why they're classified as TLB diamonds - less expensive than white, but with almost all of the sparkle and clarity of white diamonds once they're set.

The top setting measures .75" in diameter with a rise of less than .2" up off the finger. It weighs 5.7 grams and the band is a size 7 with sizing available.


These next photos are from the last "Poetry in Motion" R9137 ring we sold, and we're including them just to give you some extra looks...