Bellarri "Butterflies are Free" Limited Run 14K Pink Gold, Abalone, London Blue Topaz & Diamond Butterfly Ring

Bellarri's "Butterflies are Free" Collection was small and limited, both in terms of the number of designs and the production run of each of those designs. We've only seen a handful ourselves, including the incredible 3-piece smoky quartz & champagne quartz set featured on our Bellarri Sets page. This is another limited-production item, and it's at a price point that any Bellarri fan can swing.

It starts with solid 14K pink gold and features a beautiful butterfly featuring natural abalone upper wings (4.14ct total), deep navy-teal London Blue topaz lower wings, a London Blue topaz head (1.05ct LBT total), and white diamond covered body with more white diamonds at the tips of the wings and running down both sides of the curved shank (15 points / .15ct total).

The top setting measures .85" x .65" measured across the widest points of the ring, the butterfly wingtips. Measured through the center it's only .5" long (finger direction), and the rise is still only .35" to the wingtips so it's not an intrusive design. Shank size is 7 and sizing is available.

Please note that the shank does have a gently curved design - it's not a straight circle - so if it looks slightly askew in our photos that's just the curvature showing.

Retail was $2K - before tax - but we've got it for only $795.