Bellarri "Sirena" 14K Pink Gold, Multi-Gemstone & TLB Top Light Brown Diamond Ring

This is our first-ever piece from the recent "Sirena" Collection, and it's also the first Bellarri item we've ever seen with the collection name inscribed underneath.

It starts with a solid 14K pink gold shank and setting, fully hallmarked, and features 2.00 carats of natural semi-precious gemstones including (in order) Swiss blue topaz, London blue topaz, iolite, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, red garnet, citrine and peridot, plus 11 points of TLB Top Light Brown diamonds.

The top setting measures .8" in diameter, with a rise of .25" up off the finger. The ring weighs 5.3 grams, almost exactly the same as a 25 cent Washington quarter. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Notice the collection name "Sirena" in the underside of the ring, and also how ornate the side filigree is. It's a beautiful ring, and not just from a top-down view.