Bellarri "Gigi Allure" 14K Pink Gold, White Mother of Pearl, Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Ring

Whereas some rings are so photogenic they practically photograph themselves, rings featuring mother of pearl are the exact opposite - they're usually beautiful in person to the naked eye but very difficult to capture in photos. That's definitely the case with this "Gigi Allure" ring.

To capture the beauty of the multi-gemstone array, which features 3.45 carats of peridot, green tourmaline, red garnet, amethyst, London Blue topaz and iolite, you need bright direct light. But that same direct light washes out the depth and grain of the adjacent 10.70 carats of white mother of pearl. So we included some low-light shots of the MOP, so you can see how three-dimensional it is, but that low-light makes the multi-gems and 23 points of champagne diamonds look dark. So please use the bright light photos to judge the diamonds and gemstones, and the low-light ambient shots to judge the MOP. When you have it on your finger, in natural light, none of this will matter as your eyes will see it much differently than the camera lens!

The top setting measures .85" in diameter with a rise of over .3". The ring weighs 6.9 grams and the band is a size 7 with sizing available.

We also included photos of the ring with the matching bracelet which is also available with nice bundle savings.