Bellarri "Paradise" 18K Pink Gold, White Diamond, Mother of Pearl & Multi-Gemstone Prototype Ring - Only 1 Ever Created

This is not only our first-ever "Paradise" Collection item, but it's also a one-off prototype ring that was never put into regular production. It's a fully-finished item, with complete filigree and finished undergallery - if you saw it in a store you'd never know it was a prototype. But it is the only one of its kind in existence, so whoever buys this will never see one on another woman's finger.

It starts with solid 18K rose gold, and features a combination of natural colored gems, white diamonds, and natural Mother of Pearl. The centerpiece stone, a polished chunk of Mother of Pearl, weighs 8.55 carats. It's surrounded by 26 points of white diamonds, more than a quarter of a carat. And set on the sides of the ring are 2.05 carats of faceted cylindrical natural blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and rhodolite garnet, with rhodolite carnet cabochon caps on the ends of the cylinders.

It's not obvious in our photos, even after two long rounds of photography, but the Mother of Pearl has wonderful depth and character with an almost lenticular quality to it. Turn it in the light and you'll see shifting striation lines through the center in bright hues of gold. Shift it again, and they disappear. None of this is obvious in our photos, which make the Mother of Pearl look static like a piece of agate, but it looks very different to the naked eye in shifting light - this stone is much more enjoyable in person than through the camera lens.

The top setting measures .85" wide if you measure all the way across the shoulders of the ring, or .55" measured just across the mother of pearl. In finger direction, the ring measures .65" long. Rise is just a hair over .25", so it has a low profile. Shank size is Bellarri standard 7 and sizing is available.

Even though this is a prototype, it was still assigned a retail value so that dealers would know the price point if it went into production and this ring retailed for over $4500. We've got it for only $1495, in unworn retail-new condition.