Bellarri "Legacy" Collection 1-of-a-Kind, Only 1 Created 18K Pink Gold, Natural Morganite & White Diamond Ring

We're very excited to present a ring from Bellarri's limited "Legacy" Collection which is also a one-off creation: only one of these rings was created, only one exists, and AFW has it!

Bellarri fans who had the chance to see the regular-production "Legacy" Morganite pieces will recognize that not only is the shape of this ring different, but the size is dramatically different. Most of the "Legacy" pieces featured round stones, of small to medium size, with small ribbons of diamonds overlaying the Morganite. This ring features a much larger stone, which also explains why only one was made - it's not the kind of stone that can be sourced in quantity.

Like all Bellarri Morganite, it's an untreated, unheated, non-lab-enhanced stone so the color is that wonderful peach-salmon-pink combination that lets you know the stone hasn't been treated (if you see Morganite at a jeweler and it's bubblegum pink, it has most likely been treated).

Set in solid 18K pink gold, the center stone is a faceted oval 15.60 carat beauty with absolutely superb clarity, no inclusions or distractions, and gorgeous natural color. Surrounding the stone, and extending down both sides of the shank, are 76 points / .76ct of genuine white diamonds, one of the highest diamond counts on any Bellarri ring we've ever carried.

The top setting measures just under 1" long x just under .75" wide, with a rise of .4". The Morganite alone measures a full .8" long - it's an extremely impressive gemstone. The ring shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

We included a combination of indoor natural light photos + outdoor bright direct sunlight photos, and any variation in gemstone color hue is a function of lighting intensity and angle. Also, please note that with the larger mannequin hand (the one with curled pose), there's more shadowing due to the shape of the hand, so some shots seem darker but rest assured the Morganite in this ring is bright and crystal clear with zero dead spots, no clouding, no darkness. Any darkening you see is solely a function of photo angle and shadowing.


All of the following shots were taken outdoors, in bright direct sunlight, with no camera flash...