Bellarri "Capri" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Madeira Citrine & Brown Diamond Ring

The citrine in this ring is the kind of stone that turns buyers into followers - it's not just good, it's stunning. It's the reason you buy Bellarri.

From the "Capri" Collection, we've offered this in smoky quartz and are now pleased to have it in Madeira citrine. It starts with a substantial and large solid 18K pink gold shank and features a huge and exquisitely cut 19.10 carat all-natural, untreated, unheated Madeira citrine. Both the table and pavillion are faceted, but with different patterns, creating the gorgeous light refraction pattern you see at left. That doesn't happen by accident, and there's a reason you don't see that on gemstones commonly - it takes very advanced laser cutting technology to do that.

Overlaying the ends of the citrine are settings that have been coated in a dark rhodium to create a hematite-like effect, and then filled with almost a third of a carat of champagne diamonds (29 points / .29ct). Why the dark rhodium and champagne diamonds? Bellarri wanted to create a powerful contrast between the ends of the presentation and the brilliant light refraction coming up through the citrine at the center of the setting.

The top setting measures .85" x .55" with a rise of .45" up off the finger. Shank size is 7 and sizing service is available. Total weight is 12.8 grams.

And however much you may be impressed by what you see in our photos - they pale in comparison to the impression you get in person.