Bellarri "Capri" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst & Brown Diamond Ring

We already have this available in citrine and smoky quartz and we're now pleased to add amethyst to our selection.

From the "Capri" Collection, this starts with a substantial and large solid 18K pink gold shank and features a beautiful and very large 18.35 carat al-natural, untreated, unheated amethyst. Both the table and pavillion are faceted, but with different patterns, creating the gorgeous light refraction pattern you see at left. That doesn't happen by accident, and there's a reason you don't see that on gemstones commonly - it takes very advanced laser cutting technology to do that.

Overlaying the ends of the amethyst are settings that have been coated in a dark rhodium to create a hematite-like effect, and then filled with almost a third of a carat of brown diamonds (29 points / .29ct). Why the dark rhodium and brown diamonds? Bellarri wanted to create a powerful contrast between the ends of the presentation and the brilliant light refraction coming up through the amethyst at the center of the setting.

The top setting measures .85" x .55" with a rise of .45" up off the finger. Shank size is 7 and sizing service is available. Total weight is 12.7 grams.