Bellarri "Tango II" 18K Pink Gold, Madeira Citrine, Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

We've already sold two of these rings in other colorways, and we're very excited to now offer this in a 3rd color combination. From the "Tango II" Collection, it's very much a design that needs to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.

It starts with a solid 18K pink gold shank and setting and features an all-natural, earth-mined 10.85 carat Madeira citrine in what Dawn and I like to describe as the "Bundt Cake Cut". All fun aside, this is not an easy cut to perfect, and not something you'll see most designers attempt. The stone is so clean that light passes through nicely creating a glowing effect - hold the ring up to any kind of light and it's as if a light has been switched on inside the citrine.

Decorating the entire side gallery, all the way around, are 4.10 carats of natural, earth-mined smoky quartz baguettes. And decorating the setting between the citrine and smoky quartz are 17 points / .17ct of natural white diamonds.

The top setting measures .65" in diameter with a rise of .55" up off the finger. It weighs 8.4 grams, and the shank is a size 7 with sizing available.