Bellarri "Diva" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Amethyst & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Diva" Collection, this ring is very unusual in several ways to take your time enjoying the photographs below - there's a lot to capture.

First, it features a solid 18K pink gold setting that looks organic and asymmetrical as if it's a polished yet unformed chunk of gold. The top setting is also slightly canted several degrees - instead of being straight and parallel with the finger it's turned just a touch counterclockwise. The last couple of photos capture this effect best. And all of the round diamonds feature their own indivdidual settings, like gemstones sprinkled along a rock formation. Total diamond weight is almost a quarter of a carat, 24 points.

The centerpiece of the ring is of course the amethyst, a faceted and all-natural 11.25 carat earth-mined stone. And here's the best part - this isn't just a large oval-cut amethyst shoe-horned into an organic asymmtrical setting with the gold overlaying the stone. The amethyst is actually cut to match the shape of the gold setting, so that the amethyst is cut and shaped just as as organically and asymmetrically as the gold that surrounds it.

The top setting measures a full 1" long x .6" wide with a rise of just over .35" up off the finger. Total weight is 9.9 grams.

The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available. The shank is also smooth and comfortable - the asymmetrical, unformed nature of the top setting is not carried to the shank so you don't have to worry about any unusual fit or comfort issues.