Bellarri "Visions" 14K Pink Gold & Blue Topaz

From the "Visions" Collections, this ring is going to knock someone's britches off.

It starts with solid 14K pink gold and features an absolutely gorgeous 9.90 carat faceted cushion cut blue topaz that is absolutely swimming-pool clear and glows with a beautiful Swiss Blue color. Our photos are ok, but this is one piece that looks dramatically better and more dynamic to the naked eye.

Not only is the stone a highlight, but so is the shank design. It's petite all the way around the finger, and it flows up into a very creative multi-pronged shape with a horseshoe-shaped ribbon at both sides of the topaz. A full 16 points of diamonds decorate the shank as well.

The top setting measures .5" deep x just over .5" wide. It sits just .30" up off the finger and is a size 7 with limited sizing available (due to the petite shank design).