Bellarri "Diva" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Prasiolite & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Diva" Collection, this ring is a bit of a value anomaly. Everything on our site is deep-discounted, that's our business model - if you buy from us, you are saving a lot of money. But even within that structure, there are occasionally pieces that are a great buy even beyond our discounting, items that we get at such great prices that they're even bargains relative to other items on our own site.

Thsi ring is one of those exceptions - we're listing it for $1895, but we thought it would cost much more. It features a gorgeous, substantial, and heavy solid 18K pink gold polished shank and setting - it weighs almost 13 grams, well over a third of an ounce. The centerpiece is a faceted all-natural, uncolored, 8.20 carat Mystique-cut "exploding center" earth-mined prasiolite. It has wonderful mint green color that is all-natural - by "uncolored" we refer to the fact that it has not been heat-treated to enhance color depth. The majority of prasiolite on the market has been treated to enhance the color - Bellarri's prasiolite is the same color as when it comes out of the ground, beautiful but natural.

Encircling the prasiolite is a ring of genuine white diamonds - a huge 70 points / .70 carats, one of the highest diamond carat totals of any Bellarri ring we've ever sold. Put it all together - a heavy solid 18K structure, a gorgeous natural 8+ carat prasiolite, and almost three-quarters of a carat of white diamonds - and we expected this would be a $7000 ring hitting our site at $2500.

The top setting measures almost .95" long x 55" wide with a rise of just over .35". Shank is a standard size 7.