Bellarri "Visions" 18K Green Gold, Faceted Button Madeira Citrine & White Diamond Ring

Don't worry, green gold doesn't really look green! Green gold is created by adding sterling silver to gold, and it creates a hue that is still very much yellow/gold, but with the most subtle hint of a lime color to the gold. It will still match beautifully with yellow gold, so you won't need to find other green gold components to make sets and suites. If it weren't labeled as green gold, customers would think this is 18K yellow gold all the way but alas it is an interesting mix of pure gold with sterling silver.

Just as with every other "Visions" piece we've found, the gemstone in this ring is stunning, a 5.90 carat faceted round-button Madeira citrine that is crystal clear. The setting is formed to allow you to admire the stone from above, below and the sides - two reverse "B"s covered in diamonds (12 points total) loop over the citrine on both sides but leave the stone largely exposed.

The setting measures .55" x .5", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing available.