Bellarri "Anastasia" 18K Pink Gold, Light Amethyst & White Diamond Ring

Customers who've been staring at the R8814 "Anastasia" ring might wonder how these are different, and especially why the R8816 variety is several hundred dollars more expensive. The difference, you'll notice, is all in the gold and diamonds.

Both rings feature solid 18K pink gold settings, with big chunks of smooth-carved natural white onyx holding large faceted all-natural earth-mined amethysts. But where the R8814 ring features 19 points of white diamonds, this R8816 ring features 43 points of diamonds. Not only does the higher diamond count equate to a higher cost, but so does all of the 18K pink gold needed to hold those diamonds, and the work involved in creating a much more complex gold setting. So while the carat weights of the amethyst and onyx may be a little higher in the R8814 ring, this R8816 ring has much more gold holding more than 2x the diamonds. Hence, the higher cost.

The white onyx holding the amethyst in this ring weighs 25.75 carats, and the faceted amethyst itself is 6.30 carats.

The top setting measures 1.1" x .95", with a rise of .5" (measured to the apex of the faceted amethyst). The shank is a size 7, and sizing is available.

Please note that both ring, R8814 and R8816, feature light-hued amethysts by design. This is not a case of Bellarri choosing mediocre stones - the hue chosen for these amethysts is entirely deliberate and also indicated as such in the style code ("LA" for light amethyst in R8816PG/WOLA). The amethysts in both rings is more of a lavender-violet color, and the reason for this is because the opacity of the white onyx inhibits light passage through the setting. If dark amethysts were set in an opaque setting, you'd get poor light refraction and "dead" spot in the stone. So Bellarri used lighter stones to allow light to pass through and refract even though the onyx is opaque. As you can see by the beauty of the ring in our photos, she knows what she's doing.