Bellarri "Anastasia" 18K Pink Gold, White Onyx, Amethyst & White Diamond Ring - One of only Two Created

This is our first-ever creation from Bellarri's "Anastasia" Collection, and it also happens to be a limited-production item. Only 2 of these rings were ever created.

It features solid 18K pink gold holding a huge 36.75 carat chunk of natural snow white onyx with smoothly rounded corners. Holding the onyx in place and flowing down to the shank below are ribbons of gold covered in genuine natural white diamonds totaling 19 points / .19 carats.

At the center of the onyx is a faceted domed oval natural amethyst. To compensate for the opaque nature of the surrounding onyx, and to allow for the clean passing and refraction of light, Bellarri chose a slightly lighter amethyst (hence the "LA" in the style code). The stone is beautiful, displaying hues of purple, violet, pink and lavender. And the center of the onyx is open, with the amethyst sitting over the opening, creating a wonderful optical illusion - the amethyst almost appears to be bottomless, as if it's almost infinitely deep.

The amethyst is also crystal clear and absolutely free of any distracting inclusions or cloudiness, enhancing the refraction effect. Turn the ring sideways, so that light is reflecting off the pink gold and through the stone, and you'll see hues of peach and salmon. Not only is the stone itself beautiful, but Bellarri chose a cut that enhances the stone's presentation immensely.

The top setting measures 1.1" x 1", with a rise of .5" up off the finger (the onyx itself only rises .35", but the domed amethyst adds to the height of the ring). The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.