Bellarri "Mademoiselle" 18K Pink Gold, Amethyst & White Diamond Ring - One of a Kind, Only One Every Produced

From Bellarri's signature "Mademoiselle" Collection, this ring is notable for two reasons. First, it's a one-of-a-kind - Bellarri only created one of them. And second, it's a fairly large ring, definitely not meant for gals who like petite rings.

That it's a one-of-a-kind is completely understandable, given the gemstone complement. It features an absolutely gorgeous 29.45 carat all-natural, earth-mined, faceted-dome light purple amethyst. That's not a typo - the amethyst in this ring looks every bit of that 29.45 carat specification. The faceted dome amethyst measures a full .9" in diameter, and a full .5" deep - to give you an idea of how big the amethyst is, it's almost as big as a 25-cent Washington quarter. Of course, Bellarri would never expect to be able to source stones this big and this clear in any meaningful quantity, so it's not a piece that could be put into regular production, and this one is the only one she ever created.

It is a "Mademoiselle" design, so it does feature even more amethysts (an additional 2.20 carats) in the blade-cut design that "Mademoiselle" Collection pieces are known for. The blade-cut amethysts, along with an additional round amethyst, are set "top hat" style off to one side on top of the larger amethyst. If you're wondering why Bellarri chose a less-saturated amethyst for the large center stone, this is entirely by design. With three "levels" of amethyst, light refraction and clarity are paramount - if the large center stone is too dark, inadequate light is passed through to the blade cut amethysts on top and you get a dark inky effect. In order to have adequate light passage through all of the amethysts, all the way through to the center stone on top, Bellarri used a stone that wasn't too dark. And the result is wonderful - the large center stone is as clear as a swimming pool (if the water were purple!), the blade cuts sparkle, and so does the top stone.

Capping the presentation are 16 points of white diamonds, all set in a highly-stylized and ornate 18K pink gold setting. It's big, it's regal, and it's utterly gorgeous - and whomever wears this will be wearing something that no other woman will ever wear.

The ring shank is a size 7, and sizing is available. The top setting measures .9" across, with a rise of .45" up off the finger. The ring weighs 14.8 grams, almost half an ounce.