Bellarri "Secrets" 18K Pink Gold, Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's very limited "Secrets" Collection, this ring is actually a one-of-a-kind. Bellarri created only one of these rings, and we're exceedingly proud to have it, ready to ship.

It starts with a solid 18K pink gold shank and setting which features softly rounded surfaces and a beautiful curving, flowing nature to its shape. A gorgeous 6.45 carat, all-natural earth-mined faceted teardrop-shaped smoky quartz is the centerpiece, and it's a superb specimen measuring a full 15mm x 9mm. The color is deep but not inky, and the clarity is perfect - turn the ring slightly to one side and you can see clear through to the undergallery below, as if you're looking through a piece of crystal-clear smoke-colored glass. There's no cloudiness, no inclusions, no distractions whatsoever. There's no opacity to impede light refraction - the stone just glistens and sparkles.

Positioned at the three corners of the stone, and sprinkled around the band, are genuine white diamonds, a full 25 points / .25 carats. We really think customers will have a fun time deciding which is their favorite feature of the ring - the shape, the center stone, or the sparkling airy effect from the diamond sprinkles.

The top setting measures .95" x .55 with a rise of just over .35" up off the finger. The band is a size 7, and sizing is available. Retail is over $4K, but we're offering this one-of-a-kind ring for only $1495.