Bellarri "Carmen" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Jet Black Onyx & White Diamond Ring

Bellarri's "Carmen" Collection has been one of our favorites - Dawn has the pendant + ring pair herself - because of its elegant presentation. Jet Black Onyx, by itself, may not get most customers to stop and look twice but when you set it in 18K pink gold, and cover it in creative ribbons of white diamonds, it becomes very sexy.

This ring starts with solid 18K pink gold and features a 13.70 carat faceted oval chunk of jet black onyx, creatively decorated with 33 points / .33ct of genuine white diamonds. Ribbons of diamonds also run down the sides of the shank.

The top setting measures .8" x .55" with a rise up off the finger of .45". It's a great size that we think a lot of Bellarri fans will find very wearable - not too big, not too small. The shank size is 7, and sizing is available.

This ring retailed for over $4K, and we've got it for under $1400, brand new and retail fresh.