Bellarri 18K "Contessa" Madeira Citrine Ring

From Bellarri's "Contessa" Collection, this ring is special for three reasons: first, the superb 6.20 carat faceted Madeira citrine, which bleeds red not just in our photos but also immediately to the naked eye. Turn it slightly off angle, and watch the citrine turn from a deep tangerine color to reddish-amber.

Second, this is one of very few Bellarri creations to feature individual diamond settings. There are 19 separate brilliant round diamonds, totaling .12 carats, set all around the shank on all 4 sides. The diamonds set in their own little round portal settings, which are decorated with rhodium over 18K yellow gold to create contrast around the diamonds. And their locations are asymmetrical - the pattern is different on all 4 sides so that the ring looks different from every angle.

Third, the shank itself is stylized and unusual. It doesn't flow into the top setting symmetrically or in centered fashion - on one side the shank flows into the top setting gradually but just left of a perfectly centered approach. On the other, the shank joins the top setting with a thinner (than the other side) approach all the way to the right side of the top setting, and with two diamond settings on that section. It's hard to describe in words, but easy to see and appreciate in the photos, and beautiful to see how it flows in person.

It's not a huge ring, but not petite either - the top setting measures .65" wide and just over half an inch deep. It sits .35" up off the finger, so not an obtrusive design. It's a size 7, and can be sized but not to extremes - let us know what your finger size is and we can see how it might work if we need to move away from a size 7.