Bellarri "Contessa" 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & Brown Diamond Ring

Presenting the most challenging and difficult ring we've ever had to photograph! It's cliche to say that it must be seen in person, but if ever that applied to a Bellarri piece this is probably it. From the "Contessa" Collection, this ring is a dramatic departure from most Bellarri designs in that it's not only heavy in gold - a full 10 grams of solid 18K pink gold - but the setting features a glossy, fully reflective mirror-like appearance.

The setting is a full .9" in diameter, not a huge ring at all, but not petite either. It features at the center a 2x2 grid of gorgeous rasberry rhodolite garnets - 2.10 carats total - with gently-scalloped flat tables. Then there are diamonds - lots of beautiful natural brown diamonds. There's one at the center of the rhodolite setting, diamonds encircling the rhodolites, and more diamonds decorating the entire perimeter of the setting. Diamonds also run partway down the sides of the shank. Total diamond count is a full 44 points, almost half a carat. There are no white diamonds on this ring, it features only brown diamonds.

The undergallery of the ring is equally stunning, a beautiful daisy-shaped array of gold filigree with scattered Bellarri "B"s.

The ring shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Retail on this was over $4300 just last year - we're bringing it to you for only $1395, only 32% of original retail.