Bellarri "Tuscany" 18K Pink Gold, Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Tuscany" Collection, this is a piece that doesn't look huge in our photos, and even by its measurements won't seem too large. But thanks to a large rise of more than half an inch off the finger, and a huge and gorgeous smoky quartz, it's a ring with a very large presentation.

It starts with solid 18K pink gold and features one semi-precious, all-natural, earth-mined & untreated gemstone: a magnificent 18.20 carat faceted smoky quartz with rich chocolate color and superb clarity. Keep in mind that much of the smoky quartz you'll see in shopping mall jewelry stores is heat treated to create the color you see, but the color you see here with this 18.20 carat stone is all natural.

Overlaying the smoky quartz are two curving ribbons of pink gold adorned with 12 points / .12 carats of natural white diamonds, which we will emphasize sparkle more brilliantly to the naked eye than through the eye of a camera lens.

The top setting measures .7" x .7", with a rise of almost .55" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

This retailed for $5K before tax, but we're offering it for $1695, brand new and retail fresh.

Also please note that while most of our photos are taken in indirect ambient light, we did include three pictures taken outdoors in direct sunlight just for fun. You'll find them at the end of the photo array below.