Bellarri "Boulevard" Collection 18K White Gold, Blue Topaz & Multi-Gemstone Ring

We previously sold this in the pink gold & smoky quartz colorway, and are very pleased to find this particular interesting combination. It's interesting because Bellarri doesn't often mix white gold and multi-gemstone designs with a dominant blue topaz motif.

From the "Boulevard" Collection, it features a solid 18K white gold shank and setting with 3.80 carats of natural cylindrical faceted blue topaz surrounding a ring of 1.30 carats of faceted peridot, citrine, red garnet, rhodolite and amethyst. An additional 12 points / .12ct of white diamonds caps the presentation.

The top setting measures .4" wide with a rise of less than .25" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.