Bellarri "Boulevard" Two-Tone 18K Pink Gold + 18K White Gold, Natural Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

This ring, like the blue colorway version we also have listed, is one of those designs that is better appreciated in person than in our photos. That's because of the beauty of the gemstone display and how light is refracted through all those stones.

From the "Boulevard" Collection, this ring features a two-tone presentation of solid 18K white gold shank with a solid 18K pink gold setting. The setting displays a 3x3 grid of 9 perfectly-matched, untreated, unheated, natural smoky quartz gemstones totaling 3.30 carats. Every one of these gems is cut with Bellarri's signature Mystique-cut, which creates an "explosion of light" refraction effect that is accentuated by the flat tables and scalloped crowns cut into each stone. When you get 9 stones all refracting light back and forth through each other it's quite a sparkling presentation.

The ring also features a full fifth of a carat of genuine white diamonds (.20ct) decorating the edges all the way around the setting as well as the four cylinders at the center of the smoky quartz display.

The top setting measures .65" x .65" with a rise of just over .25" up off the finger. The ring weighs 7.8 grams total, and the shank is a size 7 with sizing service available.


These first few photos were taken with camera flash...

These remaining photos were taken with natural, ambient sunlight...