Bellarri "Boulevard" Two-Tone 18K White and Pink Gold, Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring - 1 of a Kind, Only 1 Exists

This is a ring we got from a dealer partner last year (2016) but only for a very short time before it went back to the dealer's showcase. Since then we've come to learn that this isn't a regular production item - it's actually a one-off creation. Only one of these exists. So we asked our dealer partner if we could offer it to our customers again for a short time and we're glad to have it back. It's just as beautiful as we remembered, and all of the photos shown below are freshly taken.

From the "Boulevard" Collection, this beautiful creation features a combination of 18K white gold and 18K pink gold - white shank down below, pink gold setting up top - with 4.25 carats of Mystique-cut Swiss Blue topaz set in a 3x3 grid of 9 gorgeous stones, with 20 points of diamonds decorating the entire perimeter of the setting as well as the center of the topaz grid.

The top setting measures .6" x .6", with a rise of only .30" up off the finger making this a great "everyday" piece. The shank is a standard Bellarri size 7, and sizing service is available.

This ring retailed for $4K, but we're bringing it to you at a fraction of that cost, brand new and retail fresh.