Bellarri "Tuscany" 18K Pink Gold, Amethyst, Rhodolite, Rose Quartz Cabochon & Diamond Ring

From the newly-retired and recent "Tuscany" Collection, this ring brings a wonderful combination of clear and opaque gemstones.

It starts with solid 18K pink gold and features a big 6.05 carat all-natural earth mined amethyst with serrated edges and Mystique-cut, a 7.35 carat all-natural round cabochon rose quartz, and 1.90 carats of all-natural rhodolite garnet. There are two rhodolites - the big faceted cushion-cut, and a small round rhodolite near the corner of the amethyst.

This ring also boasts one of the highest diamond counts of any Bellarri ring we've had, a full 32 points, almost a third of a carat. In fact, given the total carat weight along with the high diamond count, we're not sure why this ring isn't a lot more expensive.

The top setting measures almost 1" x .70", with a .4" rise. It's a size 7 and sizing is available.

We're happy with the photos we got, they do capture the beauty of the ring well. Still, this ring is one of those piece that because of all the angles it's never fully captured in any photo. It's going to floor you when you see it in person - it's incredible, with far more sparkle and brilliance than the camera lens reveals.